Living in Portugal: Pros and Cons of Moving as an Expat


Moving to another country is a BIG DECISION. Knowing in advance its pros and cons according to most is a big help.

In this article, we’ve put together the main reasons why living here is wonderful, and reasons why you might not like it as much. Check it out!!

Pros of living in Portugal

Good weather:

Portugal has a very pleasant climate most of the year. It varies from region to region, but it’s still warmer than most countries in Europe. Not to mention that the South has over 300 sunny days per year.

Strong entertainment and recreation industry

In Portugal, everyone finds a place or activity that they like. From swimming in the Ocean or Rivers, exploring Serra da Estrela mountain, visiting castles and fortresses, and even going out at night. You won’t be disappointed.

For you to have an idea, Portugal was considered the Best Tourist Destination in Europe according to the European edition of World Travel Awards 2022. We can’t disagree on that!

Affordable Living

Yes, we know! Lisbon’s rents have become astronomical. But even so, living in the rest of Portugal is more affordable than most European countries. You can bet on that.

Safe Country

Elected as the fourth most safe country in the world, Portugal is amazing when it comes to security. Not to mention that the people in here are peaceful and that there has never occurred a terrorist attack in Portuguese lands. That’s definitely something to be considered.

Breathtaking Landscapes

We know! Maybe other topics might be more important than this, but it needs to be said: how wonderful it is to be able to see amazing places so close to you. From amazing beaches to beautiful mountains and waterfalls to marvelous historic buildings and constructions. It’s simply a wonder walking by the Douro river in the sunset, or taking a day trip to Aveiro. You’ll be mesmerized.

Cons of Living in Portugal

The need to learn Portuguese

Of course, if you are going to live abroad, you should keep in mind that learning the country’s language is a must. But Portuguese is not exactly an easy one to learn and, whenever you need to go to government agencies, Portuguese is generally spoken. So, learn the basics!

Difficulties with paying by card 

If there’s an annoying thing in Portugal is that bank cards are issued in the Multibanco system. Visa or MasterCard are not accepted everywhere. You must check whether an international bank card is accepted or carry cash until you have a portuguese bank account.

Heat in the summer, rain in the winter

Portuguese climate remains mostly the same from season to season. But winter is VERY RAINY and during the summer, temperature can sometimes rise to +40℃. It can be extreme!

There is no central heating

It is very cold inside apartments in winter. So you have to buy heaters to stay warm, and that consumes a lot of electricity. If you’re not careful, you’ll receive an astronomical electric bill by the end of each winter month – we know from experience!

The Bureaucracy

Probably the most annoying thing in the country. Sometimes, the most simple things can become a nightmare because of the amount of bureaucracy you’ll face. That’s why, if you are an expat thinking about moving, having a consultant or an agency to help you in the process is such a relief!

Are you ready to pack your bags? Be aware that we can help you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to contact us.