Security in Portugal: is it safe to live in Portugal?


Is it safe to live in Portugal?

Definitely, security is one of the most important factors when choosing a country to live in. But, is it as safe to live in Portugal as people say?

The answer is YES, Portugal is considered as one of the safest places to live in the whole world! And more than that, Portugal is a peaceful country. In fact, security is even one of the main attractions that makes many expats choose to live here, like us.

For you to have an idea, in 2021, the country reached 4th position in the Global Peace Index, which considers several factors to define the ranking. One of them is the expenses on violence, that here, represents only 5% of the GDP, one of the lowest among the countries analyzed. The score is also high regarding social assistance for the population, which ranges from housing to health care.

In day-to-day life, all this is felt in terms of safety, whether on public transportation or in the streets. The feeling we have in Portugal, with exceptions of course, is of a safe place, in which one can travel through cities without maintaining a state of alert. And that, in our opinion, is wonderful!

Of course there are exceptions, especially in larger cities such as Lisbon and Porto. But these are exceptions, in a country where what prevails is the tranquility that directly impacts in the quality of life for the people.

Above all things, we must remember that Portugal has no records of terrorist attacks, or even an international alert for terrorism situations, being considered safe when it comes to terrorism.  

And even when it comes to tourists, and even expats – we know, we are easy targets -, the most common crimes against tourists are thefts, especially by pickpockets. That’s why it’s common, in the most touristic areas, in cities such as Porto and Lisbon, to have exclusive police stations for tourists, in which it is possible to file complaints.

Our perception of security in Portugal

In Portugal we have a feeling of constant security, you know? We believe that part of this feeling is directly linked to low criminality, but also linked to the environment. Although there are still many abandoned or unfinished buildings, there is no feeling of an abandoned environment and this contributes a lot to an uncomfortable perception.

When walking through the city, it is rare to feel afraid. We live in Porto and we can say that, going out at day or night, we never felt a direct threat. In other words, it is also on a daily basis that we feel that Portugal is safe to live.

And, regarding real estate investment, we believe it’s one of the greatest motives to invest here, also. In many cities we’ve been to, we’ve seen areas of tourist interest surrounded by strange environments, with dirt, buildings with a deprecated aspect, disorderly occupation of public space, poor lighting, etc. In our view, all this contributes to us feeling less protected. And whether as a tourist or a resident, the perception of urban space directly influences the feeling of security, and investing in a place where people can live safely also gives a feeling of peace to the investors.

Convinced that security in Portugal is a decisive factor for moving to the country? So, it’s time to start planning the move. And we, from Live Abroad, are experts in relocating expats to the country, from documentation to property search. Don’t hesitate to contact us.