Our Advice on Moving to Portugal


There are many reasons you can decide to leave your country. And we are not here to judge any of them. We are here to support you every step of the way, after all, the world is big and we shouldn’t settle for little, right?

But here, we want to shed light on different perspectives. Are you with us?

How to live abroad?

The first search on how to live abroad that many of us do is through social networks, and there the information might not always be consistent with reality. 

From the reports we’ve received, what often happens is that important decisions like this one to live abroad can be taken on impulse, without research and a minimum of depth.

There are those who decide to move to Portugal, without ever having set foot in the country to know if that place will completely please them. 

Is this a good decision? 

Honestly, we did it, and we don’t regret it. But no. Planning ahead would’ve helped us a lot along the way. And that’s why we want to give you a few pieces of advice on how to move! 

If you can, come to meet the country

We understand that these days, the price of airline tickets is increasingly prohibitive, but allow us a piece of advice about your planning: if your intention is to start a new life in another country, we strongly suggest that you take a trip first to get to know the place.

Of course, having the experience as a tourist anywhere in the world is one thing and being a local is another. But you can use this exploratory trip to train your eye and analyze what you like or don’t like about a certain place.

Seeing images on Youtube and Google Maps is one thing. Being there and feeling the energy, dynamics and rhythm is something else entirely.

Believe us: an exploratory trip can radically alter your plans before the move. Either you might not leave anymore, like us, or reconsider, and that’s ok.

Redo your plans if necessary

When you move abroad, everything is strange. And the problem is that when this strangeness is constant it prevents you from having a feeling of belonging, you know?

We’re not here to derail anyone’s dreams, but there are things you need to experience to know if they fit your lifestyle or not. It’s the kind of situation that you need to experience.

It won’t help just read about Portugal, about the cities and neighborhoods. Ideally, you should know the place at least before deciding to live there.

Get to really know Portugal

Take an exploratory trip having already a good knowledge of Portugal. Study, research, take notes. The country is small. If you have a lot of energy, you can explore it from north to south in just over 8 hours by car, but of course, with the objective we are proposing here, that is not what you are going to do.

Preferably, when booking your trip, already keep in mind the regions that you would potentially live. Make your itinerary looking at the map of Portugal and scheduling your visit to the cities that caught your attention. It may be that halfway through you change your mind and fall in love with a region that was not even on your radar.

One cool thing is to take a guided tour focused on people that wants to move to the country.

Is this the best decision for you?

If your dream is to live in Portugal, you need to balance the pros and cons all the time. Immigrating is not an adventure. Too bad that many people only discover this when they are already in Portugal, find themselves surrounded by unforeseen events and only think about returning to their home country.

Try not to immigrate without knowing where you are going. Don’t waste your time and your money. Ponder and evaluate all the time. Only then will you successfully make a change.

Immigrating is amazing, but it can be lonely sometimes. Keep that in mind!

We did it, and it was the best decision of our lives.

And that’s why we exist as Live Abroad Portugal. To help anyone who wants to live this adventure. Are you ready to move?