Types of Investments in Portugal


Portugal has proven again and again that it’s a land of opportunities. Investing in the country has become more common than before, especially for expats.
In this article, we want to talk briefly about the 3 main types of investments in Portugal that foreigners are cashing on. Scroll down:

​​Investment in Real Estate

Real estate investments are certainly the most popular choice among foreigners in Portugal and it’s not a random choice, since its capital gains are bigger than in most places.
And why is investing in real estate in Portugal so popular?
When it comes to rental activities, the low cost (like condominium fees are very cheap or non-existent in most buildings), the variety of use (airbnb, booking, etc), stable economy and a simplified tax system is very attractive to investors.
And when we talk about real estate valuation, there has been a huge increase in the demand due to the arrival of people from all over the world (including investors), which makes real estate in Portugal much more valuable now. Not to mention that the cities are developing and growing faster due to the arrival of new companies, the construction of shopping malls. The price of real estate will increase at the same level.
As you can see, investing in real estate in the country seems more profitable and beneficial – IF WELL-PLANNED!
According to Fipezap, Portugal has the best return rate for residential rentals per year. That’s ahead of Denmark, Cyprus, Brasil, Belgium, and and even Luxembourg.

Capital investment

Most Private Funds in Portugal are associated with the development of the real estate market (the buying and selling of properties) and these funds can present an average return of 2.8% (0.6% in 3 years). WOW!

Technology-related business investment

The country has been gaining notoriety for the way it is creating policies aimed at attracting companies from the technological field to invest in Portugal. With a good range of technological hubs, mainly in the Lisbon and Porto area, it has attracted companies from all over the world. And you even have a special Visa for that, now. If that’s your thing, Portugal is the place to be!

We certainly chose our field – real estate investment! And we are not sorry. The gains are real! And if you are interested in finding out about everything, send us an e-mail.