Our Projects

Our most recent projects

Pátio São Dionísio

This apartment already had some nice features, like exposed stone walls, but it had some problems with humidity, and air circulation and generally the property was craving for some repairs.


The big challenge on this property was how to make the most of the available space, so that the final result would be light, functional, and, of course, drop-dead gorgeous.

Our favorites

Communa Garage

A new way of living that connects international digital nomads to the local community. It is a vibrant and colorful space, a piece of art itself.

Barão São COsme

Just picture stepping into this apartment and being welcomed by a chic entrance hall defined by a sleek wooden partition that gives a glimpse of the living and dining areas.


This  was a total transformation from top to bottom. We’re talking ripping out walls and starting fresh, adding a whole new level, and swapping out the old roof for a shiny new one. And let’s not forget those high ceilings!

Capela das almas

We’ve revamped this place from top to bottom, knocking down walls in the kitchen to create a breezy, welcoming atmosphere. Adding wooden wall frames can work wonders in giving each room a warm, inviting vibe, don’t you agree?