Portuguese Citizenship through Marriage? A Simple Guide


Getting Portuguese citizenship through marriage? Buckle up for a rollercoaster of love and paperwork

In this article, we’ll unravel the mysteries of saying “I do” to becoming a Portuguese citizen. Get ready for some marriage magic and let’s dive in!

Eligibility for Portuguese Citizenship through Marriage: 

So, you’ve fallen head over heels for a Portuguese? Congrats! If you’ve been married to each other for at least 3 years and feel like part of the Portuguese family, you’re eligible! It’s like getting a golden ticket, but with a marriage certificate.

Recognition of Common-Law Union for Portuguese Citizenship: 

Love knows no bounds, right? Well, the same goes for Portuguese citizenship! Common-law unions, or as they call it in Portugal, “união de facto,” totally count. Just prove you’ve been lovebirds for 3 years and show some proof of your love for Portugal – easy peasy!

Portuguese Citizenship through Same-Sex Marriage: 🏳️

Love wins in Portugal! Since the approval of Law 9/2010, same-sex couples can tie the knot and dance their way to Portuguese citizenship. Just follow the steps like staying married for at least 3 years, and show that Portuguese connection. Done!

Applying for Portuguese Citizenship through Marriage: 

Got your heart set on being a Portuguese citizen? Meet the basic and Supplementary Requirements: 

The lowdown: 

Be married or committed to a Portuguese for 3 years, show some love for the Portuguese community, and bam – you’re in! It’s like a membership card to the Portuguese fan club. And if you hit the 6-year love mark, automatic recognition – just like that!

Transcription of Marriage in Portugal: 

So, you’ve got your marriage papers, but they need a little Portuguese flair. Transcribe your marriage in Portugal and that’s it.

Documents Required for Portuguese Citizenship through Marriage: 📄

Let’s talk paperwork? To make your Portuguese citizenship dreams come true, gather up your:

  • Marriage certificate (preferably in full copy),
  • Declaration for acquiring Portuguese nationality (signed at the registry office),
  • Birth certificate with Hague Apostille (in full copy),
  • Birth certificate of the spouse (in full copy),
  • Proof of the applicant’s nationality,
  • Criminal record,
  • Documents demonstrating the connection to the Portuguese community if not meeting automatic recognition criteria.

Acquiring Portuguese citizenship through marriage is a valuable opportunity that opens doors to various benefits, including free movement within the European Union, a powerful Portuguese passport, visa-free travel to the United States, and the ability to study and work across EU countries. It’s a love story with perks! 

Just remember, keep it fun, seek help when needed, and enjoy the ride!