Do You Need Consulting to get Portuguese Nationality?


If you are of Portuguese descent, are married to a Portuguese citizen or have lived in Portugal for a few years, you may be entitled to apply for nationality. And perhaps you have already wondered whether or not you should hire a Consulting Company for this job. So, if this is also your question, keep an eye on this article where we’ll explain what a consulting agency does and when it’s worth hiring one.

Basic Questions:

Do you need a lawyer to get Portuguese citizenship?
It’s not mandatory. It is possible to apply alone or through an office specializing in Portuguese nationality.

How do I know if I’m of Portuguese descent?
Through family history. For this, talk to your parents and go in search of certificates that can prove it. You can also use specialized websites to build a family tree.

How to obtain Portuguese citizenship?
First, you must confirm that you are entitled to, and then you must check the list of necessary documents and provide them. The last step is to submit the application for Portuguese nationality.

How does the Consulting Company for Portuguese citizenship work?

This is a service that can be very useful to ensure agility and assertiveness in the application for citizenship.
Those who decide to hire this type of service can be helped at all times of the process, even before making the request. Depending on the service chosen, it is possible to be accompanied throughout the process – from the initial phase of searching and organizing the necessary documents until the moment you have confirmed citizenship.

Services that can be offered by the advice for citizenship

  • Search for certificates or other documents of the Portuguese ancestor;
  • Verification of your documents to confirm your right to citizenship;
  • Apostille of documents (Hague Apostille);
  • Application for documents in the Portuguese offices;
  • Protocol and follow-up of the nationality request;
  • Clarification of your doubts about documents and procedures.

As you can see, in summary, a good consulting company service can accompany you in all stages of the process, from the preparatory phase to the moment when you will be able to start enjoying the advantages of having Portuguese citizenship.

Evaluation in the analysis of Portuguese citizenship certificates

This type of service can be essential to ensure the success of your application for Portuguese nationality. This is because documents with errors or missing can cause the denial and delay of the request.

If you have all the necessary certificates, you can hire a specialized service to check them and check all the details to confirm that your certificates are valid to apply.

Is it mandatory to hire a Consulting Office for Portuguese citizenship?

No. However, enrollment is recommended in some cases.
But,if you have enough information about your case, if you manage to obtain the necessary documents and have the ability and patience to deal with bureaucracies, it may not be necessary to hire a consultant at all.

Another relevant point to make this decision is to assess whether it is easy for you to make the necessary displacements to forward your process. It is worth remembering that the application for citizenship can be made both in your country and in Portugal. But, it is possible that you need access to documents in two countries.

Where to apply for Portuguese citizenship

In your country, requests must be sent to a Portuguese Consulate or Embassy.

In Portugal, requests must be sent directly to a Civil Registry Office. In this case, it is possible to check the addresses and make an appointment on the website of the IRN – Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado.

Is it worth hiring a consultant or is it better to do the process yourself?

This is a personal decision, which should be analyzed by you, considering your situation.

As we said, it is not mandatory, but it can be a good solution for people who don’t have time or don’t know how to deal with bureaucracy – the citizenship application can be full of them.

Consider that hiring consultant is an extra cost, but that can be seen as an investment, which will make your life easier and fulfill all the necessary acts to guarantee that you have citizenship as soon as possible. It is a more comfortable option, which will save a lot of work and ensure greater agility and safety in the process.

On the other hand, if you find it easy to organize the documentation and feel safe to apply alone, don’t worry. Applying for citizenship this way is very possible.

That said, the decision is up to you. We recommend that you consider all these points in order to make the right choice for your case.

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