Joyride! Your Ultimate tour guide for a road trip in Portugal


Ready to ZOOM through Portugal’s Treasures? Fasten your seatbelts, wanderlusters! We’re diving into the joyous journey of road tripping through this beautiful land!

Get ready to catch some wind in your hair and excitement in your heart! 

Portugal: Where the Road Beckons and Adventures Await!

Got your bags packed and wanderlust on? Portugal, the land of endless beauty, is calling, and guess what? The best way to embrace its magic is by hitting the road! 

Why Road Trippin’ is the Real Deal!

  • Discover hidden gems that’ll steal your heart! 
  • Roam the charming Portuguese villages frozen in time! 
  • Craft your own itinerary and dance to your travel playlist!
  • Cruise on Portugal’s smooth roads, a driver’s dream come true! 
  • Wallet-friendly car rentals? It’s a road trip nirvana! 

Unveiling the Magic Routes!

Get ready for the Costa Vicentina and Alentejana Route, an epic journey along Portugal’s southwest coast. Or a wine takeover in the Douro region. Or even, waterfall delights in Gerês. There’’ no mistake. Let’s drive and discover now:

Costa Vicentina and Alentejana Route

One of the best-known routes for traveling by car in Portugal

On this path, you’ll see charming villages, isolated beaches with large cliffs, and AMAZING natural landscapes, along the length of the Sudoeste Alentejano Natural Park.

Douro Wine Route

What’s up wine lovers? This one’s for you! 

The Douro Vinhateiro route is the drive for the wine lovers out there. An incredible experience, as it passes through beautiful vineyard landscapes located along the Douro River. You can even visit some wine-producing farms and enjoy some tastings. 

But be careful: book accommodation so you don’t drink and drive. You can even stay on the farms themselves since they also offer accommodation. Better safe than sorry!

Serra da Estrela Route

The snowy place in Portugal attracts thousands of tourists every winter, however, the region can be explored at any time of the year, because of the breathtaking landscapes, cities and villages that leave anyone enchanted.

Gerês Route

You must go to Peneda-Gerês National Park. Amazing landscapes and waterfalls, small towns and villages. All we can say about it is: GO! GO NOW! JUST GO! It will awe you.

Road trip checklist:

  • Define your budget
  • Define your route and number of travel days
  • Book the car in advance
  • Book your accommodation
  • Always bring a coat

Please, people! Don’t take the road without a basic plan. Trust us. It will make your life easier and save a lot of money!

Now that we’ve covered everything, buckle up, adventurers! The road is calling, and Portugal is ready to unveil its magic. Who’s in for a road trip of a lifetime?