Furnishing an apartment in Portugal: tips, main stores and how to save money


If you are moving to Portuguese lands and are not sure how to furnish an apartment in Portugal, don’t worry. In this article, we will give you many tips on how to do it best and where to buy furniture.

How to furnish an apartment in Portugal?

When we move to Portugal, we have to think about the city we are going to live in, what the neighborhood looks like, the apartment, what the furniture will be like, and whether we are going to feel at home or not. We know that there are so many doubts and that the change is huge. Living abroad might not be for everyone, but without a doubt, it gives a turn in anyone’s life.

And that’s why, planning is essential and it should include the house and the purchase of furniture, if necessary so you can feel at home. We say this, because when renting an apartment in Portugal you will come across many ads for spaces already furnished or only with an equipped kitchen.

But, if you decide to rent or buy a property that does not have furniture and appliances, the process of furnishing an apartment in Portugal is like everywhere else. But, the lack of organization and planning can make you less satisfied with the final result and even expend more than what you would’ve liked. So here are the steps that we always do in the company before furnishing a house, and we will leave you our best tips:

  • Go to the stores and conduct a price survey;
  • Write down what you would like your dream house to look like – once you visited many stores, you’ll have an idea of the things you can afford and how would they fit into your plans;
  • Purchase;
  • Have it delivered or picked up in person;
  • And finally, assemble everything in your house.

It seems easy, but many of us act impulsively and buy before having everything on paper.

What are the best stores to furnish an apartment in Portugal?

The most famous decoration, furniture, and appliance stores in Portugal are:

In addition to these stores, it is also possible to find decoration items and small appliances in supermarkets such as Continente, Pingo Doce, Lidl, etc.

How much does it cost to furnish an apartment in Portugal?

Furnishing an apartment in Portugal will depend on the quality of the furniture and appliances you decide to buy. Generally speaking, you can spend on average between 3,000 and 10,000 euros.

How to save money when furnishing an apartment in Portugal?

It all depends on your style and how much you want to spend/invest, but the first step to saving is to research the prices CALMLY.

Other ways to save money when furnishing an apartment in Portugal are to buy used items through Facebook, OLX, or used furniture stores. In addition, neighborhood stores tend to have more affordable prices than large chains, so it’s important to compare prices.

Many people also sell their furniture through Facebook groups and the Facebook Marketplace.

Cheap decoration objects can be bought in stores like Primark, Tiger store, and even Chinese stores – there you will find everything, EVERYTHING!

Tips for furnishing an apartment in Portugal

And finally, our main tip for furnishing an apartment in Portugal is: to buy the basic items first, and in time you can equip it with what you like. Don’t go out and buy everything in the first month. Expect to adapt to the country, to the city you’ve chosen, and see what it’s really needed. However, try to make your apartment or house in Portugal as cozy as possible to really feel “at home” and make the adaptation lighter and more peaceful.

If the apartment is rented, avoid putting too many pictures and paintings on the wall, especially if you are going to stay for a short time. It can be a pain to fix the walls and sometimes your landlord can request a repaint or even charge you for that. 

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See you soon!