Our Projects

Terceira #2

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Dom João IV

We accepted the challenge of crafting the entire interior design of this property and giving it an irresistible vintage vibe. The outcome will blow your mind.

Ferreira Cardoso

This two-bedroom apartment undergone an interior design process which included custom-made furniture, expertly painted walls, polished floors, and original artwork crafted by a local artist, reflecting the vibrant spirit of Porto.

Oliveira Monteiro

A one-bedroom apartment that has undergone an interior design process. We wanted to make it stand out from other apartments in the market, which often look the same, so we gave it a unique touch to catch the eye of potential renters.


We went all out with custom carpentry for the kitchen, spruced up the bathroom with a new shower, upgraded the electrical and plumbing systems, put in new windows, flooring, and even added air conditioning.


We switched from dark, heavy furniture to a lighter atmosphere with pastel colors and carefully selected furnishings that just make you want to linger! It’s amazing how a simple change in color can completely alter the vibe!