Our Projects

Terceira - #1

Witness the incredible transformation of this two-bedroom apartment with a storage room from its original state to its current stunning form, showcasing how breaking down walls can truly transform a space for the better.

Santo Ildefonso

This home makeover journey was quite the adventure, involving everything from scouting the perfect spot to planning, renovating, designing, and furnishing. And the icing on the cake: that unbeatable view of the city from the terrace.


When we set out to design this place, we had a vision. Being in Bonfim – Porto’s artsy neighborhood – we wanted to infuse some artistic flair into every corner.


This Airbnb is so much more than a place to crash for the night – we wanted to give the guests an experience they’d remember, something stylish, fun, and totally different.

Paraíso - #1

Our mission was to turn this dark and dreary apartment into a bright and welcoming space, perfect for short or long-term stays. And you know what? We nailed it. 


 Coupled with strategic lighting, airy furnishings, and pops of color, thia once-dark apartment blossomed into a delightful boutique retreat in the heart of Porto.