Arca d’Água

Arca d’Água: we turned a basic two-bedroom apartment into something amazing with a total makeover.

We knocked down a wall between the living room and kitchen and replaced it with a cool wooden divider. This not only gives the place a spacious feel but also lets in tons of natural light.

We didn’t stop there. We went all out with custom carpentry for the kitchen, spruced up the bathroom with a new shower, upgraded the electrical and plumbing systems, put in new windows, flooring, and even added air conditioning.

The whole place got a fresh coat of paint in soft, refreshing colors, making it feel even brighter and more inviting.

And location? You couldn’t ask for better. Right by Arca d’Água Park and close to universities, including the famous “Fernando Pessoa” in Porto. That means this spot is prime real estate for renters.

Check out our photo gallery below to see the jaw-dropping transformation!